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We specialize in research methodologies specific and unique to the Oceania community.


We take qualitative research and explore social behavior and social environments impact on a wide range of topics.


We utilize Talanoa, Fa'afaletui, Tapu'e (to name a few) cultural methods to better understand concepts, context, perspective, perception, interpretation, knowledge and understanding of Oceania study participants and their whanau. 

We exercise moral responsibility with great sensitivity and confidentiality when cultural and lived experience of Oceania community members are examined and explored.

Our consultants specialize in transcribing and translating medico-legal documents.


We provide quality translated and contextualized, interpreted materials in languages specific to the Oceania region.


We facilitate specialized educational workshops, interviews, surveys utilizing Oceania first nations official languages. 

We also adapt to suit language competence and capabilities of the Oceania diaspora.

We cater for a wide range of projects.


We facilitated reviews of various sets of information ranging from clinical and scientific treatments to political correspondence media articles.


Le Ato Ponapona Projects in the development stages includes Podcast, Humanitarian and Community-led initiatives. 

Our consultants provide invaluable insight to Oceania culture themed events in the  creative industry. Examples of such are drama and plays.

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